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Pregnancy Discrimination Lawyer In Los AngelesWhen you learn that you are pregnant it is an exciting and joyous moment. But often times, ones excitement is crushed when suddenly your employer suddenly begins treating you differently. Were you on an upward spiral with glowing performance evaluations, but soon after announcing your pregnancy, your performance reviews have mysteriously gone south? Are you being told that downsizing is suddenly being considered just before you set off for your maternity leave? Are you worried that you are about to be terminated? Many employers will discriminate against pregnant women though there are explicit state and federal laws which protect the fundamental right to have children and not be fearful of losing your job.

In today’s society, women are the ones who must often make that critical choice between having a job/career, beginning a family, or attempting to juggle both.

Pregnancy Discrimination is Unlawful

If these life defining decisions were not stressful enough, some pregnant women often face unlawful pressures and discrimination in the workplace. The workplace discrimination attorneys at Vincent W. Davis & Associates believe that pregnancy discrimination should not be allowed to force you out of the workplace, so we are here to fight hard to protect your rights.

Many pregnancy-related situations experienced by pregnant women are both illegal and actionable in court, such as:

  • Direct interference with your pregnancy leave
  • Employer fails to hire because of pregnancy
  • Employer denies promotion because of pregnancy
  • Employer demotes because of pregnancy
  • Employer fires woman because of pregnancy
  • Employer denies unmarried woman medical benefits for pregnancy
  • Employer prohibits maternity leave
  • Employer denies pregnancy-related disability leave
  • Employer retaliates against a woman who requests pregnancy leave

State and Federal laws prevent discrimination against women. Moreover, the California Family Rights Act (CFRA) was established to ensure secure leave rights for the following:

  • Birth of a child for purposes of bonding
  • Placement of a child in the employee’s family for adoption or foster care
  • For the serious health condition of the employee’s child, parent or spouse
  • For the employee’s own serious health condition

While an employer is not required to pay an employee during a CFRA leave, except when an eligible employee elects, or the employer requires, the employee can use any accrued vacation time or other accumulated paid leave other than accrued sick leave.

According the the California Department of Fair Employment, if CFRA leave is for the employee’s own serious health condition, the employee may elect or the employer may require the employee to use any accrued vacation time or other accumulated paid leave, including any accrued sick leave. Additionally, the employee may elect to use accrued sick leave for any other reason mutually agreed to by the employer.

An employer must continue health care coverage for employees during their CFRA leave. If the employer provides health benefits under any group health plan, the employer has an obligation to continue providing such benefits during an employee’s CFRA leave. This obligation commences on the date that your leave begins. The health care coverage obligation continues for the duration of the leave(s), up to a maximum of 12-work weeks in any 12-month period.

Time is Critical – Contact an Employment Attorney Now

Unfortunately, the law only provides a small window of opportunity for us to file a pregnancy discrimination charge against your employer, so you are encouraged to contact us as soon as you feel there is “pregnancy discrimination” targeted toward you. Employment law also allows you to file a separate claim of law violation with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) even if you are no longer working for your employer.

Pregnant Women can take up to 3-Months of Unpaid Leave

Under the provisions of FMLA, pregnant women are granted up to three months of unpaid leave in which their employer is supposed tp hold their job open for them. The California Pregnancy Discrimination Act provides additional protection from pregnancy discrimination.

Don’t allow Pregnancy Discrimination to ruin your career…

If you have been treated illegally and unfairly we can help you keep your position and make sure that your wages and benefits are protected. As experienced and aggressive employment attorneys, we want you to know that we are fully-invested in the rights of employees and we do all in our power to defend tour legal rights.

If you have been or are being discriminated against because you are having a child and simply need some maternity leave our experienced discrimination lawyers can help you with your case if you are anywhere in Southern California or in or close to any of the counties or cities listed below:

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