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Contingency Fees

Contingency Fees – We work for EMPLOYEES on a Contingency Basis

The most common question and concern that abused employees have is:

“Can I afford to hire a lawyer?”

Employees who have been under paid, their overtime overlooked, or perhaps wrongfully terminated are already facing financial shortcomings. Putting their hands on a pile of cash to mount a powerful and effective lawsuit against a more power foe with deep pockets would be daunting.

Attorneys are generally hired to work on an hourly rate, a flat fee or on a contingency fee agreement.

Contingent Fee Representation — No Fee if No Recovery

We work for EMPLOYEES on a Contingency BasisIn the vast majority of employment cases, including, wage and hour, overtime pay, denial of rest and meal breaks, sexual harassment, discrimination of all kinds, and wrongful termination, we represent clients on a “Straight Contingency Fee Basis.” This means that there are no up-front costs to our client and that our client will not pay any attorneys’ fees or case expenses unless and until we are able to get results and obtain a recovery in the case.

Attorneys’ fees are then paid out of a percentage of the recovery or settlement obtained. It is the contingent fee agreement that allows our clients access to the justice system with a competent and experienced team of seasoned attorneys, who are able to take on significantly larger and more powerful defendants (employers) with deep pockets. Without a contingency fee arrangement most clients would not otherwise be able to afford expert legal services and their potential case would stagnate and diminish. NOTE: On employment cases, your ability to recover money is tied to the calendar. Move quickly.

We Don’t Take All Employment Cases Presented to Us

We are a long-established law firm. We’ve been around for decades and have grown to a size to where we are able to finance expensive lawsuits for some deserving clients. When we are able to accept a particular case and take that case on contingency, there will be no out-of-pocket cost to that client. If we decide to pass on your case, that does not mean that you have a “bad case.” We will share with you our assessment of your circumstances and may be able to refer you to an attorney who would be able to take your case.

Because we Invest Significant Time, Money & Resources, We’re Very Selective

We are selective about the employment cases we choose to take on a contingency basis. Frankly, not every employment case is a great case, and since we will be investing significant funds, resources, and the talents of our skilled lawyers, paralegals, investigators and staff, we simply are unable to take all cases presented to us. Don’t be discouraged, however. Even if we don’t take your case, that doesn’t mean that your case isn’t winnable.

If it’s a Long Shot You’ll take My Case, Why Even Share My Case with You?

Please share your story with us — It only takes a few minutes to call and have a confidential conversation with an employment attorney. No matter the outcome, we assure you that you will have learned a lot about your case and it will not be a waste of your time. Moreover, remember that there are discouraged & fired employees just like you who thought they “might have” a tiny case and have called us and explained sheepishly:

“Well I don’t want to take up your time, my employer might owe me a few thousand dollars —if we get real lucky— so why bother?”

Some of those folks who have called us thinking they “might be owed a few thousand dollars” had employment cases where our claims were often OVER $100,000 like our Carlos example on the HOME page. If you were to be awarded $100,000.00, would that infusion of cash in your checking account provide you a little breathing room so that you could find a better employer —or afford you some time off so you could take a couple semesters to pump up your resume?   Upshot? — CALL US at 626-446-6442 or if a Live Associate is on duty, chat with us about your employment case.

Contingency means that we get paid ONLY IF you get paid

We get paid only if you get paid, which is why we pick our cases carefully. We have to make certain that we can give your case the attention and resources it needs. Taking on employers is an expensive business, but we are willing to go toe-to-toe with the largest companies for our clients. Call us right now and tell us about your past or current employment predicament. 626-446-6442

If we take your case, we will enter into an “engagement agreement” with the you as our client, which will set forth the scope and terms of our representation.

No law firm can promise you a favorable outcome, settlement, or jury award. The interest of our clients are our foremost concern and if we cannot effect a good case outcome, our time, talent and treasure will have been sacrificed. Trust us… We are tenacious. We make every effort to prevail.

Contingency Fees make expensive legal services accessible

Contact one of our experienced Employment Attorneys at Vincent W. Davis & Associates if you are considering proceedings against an employer. Ask us how we can protect and defend your rights; how we can protect you from employer retaliation and if necessary take swift action against any sign of retaliation; defend your dignity and protect your career. We are close by if you are anywhere in Southern California or in any of the counties or cities listed below:

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