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You did the work — you deserve the pay. It is only right to expect your employer to pay you according to the terms of your employment and abide by the many laws protecting employees. In addition to California State laws, you also have numerous Federal laws protecting you in the workplace. When an employer fails to meet their obligations to their employees, either through error or intentionally, you are entitled to pursue legal recourse to recover the pay you have earned, including additional money damages, penalties and attorneys fees.

Employment Attorneys from Vincent W. Davis & Associates represent employees in wage & hour, overtime, sexual harassment, age / gender discrimination, retaliation, and wrongful termination cases as individuals or groups.

We are serious litigators. We threaten to sue, or sue employers for employees who have been treated badly. That’s what we do.

Contingency Lawyers — We Don’t Get Paid Unless You Do…

Contingency – If we agree with you that you’ve a good case, we will invest our time, talent, and money in your case. No up front cost to you.    more…

Lawsuits – We represent employees in lawsuits and in arbitration against their employer or former employer. In most employment cases the only effective way to resolve your dispute is to threaten litigation, file a lawsuit, or go to arbitration. We’re really good at all three.   more…

Upshot – You can know today if we will take your case and it will cost you nothing to find out. If we take your case it will cost you nothing unless we prevail on your behalf. There’s no downside: especially helpful for those who were wrongfully terminated and will have limited resources.

Call us – for a case consultation right now, or chat with our online associates if they are available.

Denied Rest & Meal Breaks, Unpaid Overtime… Why call a Lawyer?

Employer’s taking advantage of employees is rampant. There are 1,000’s of courtroom examples of why you might want to pursue you case — why you owe it to yourself.

Let’s use a fictional example – Carlos worked 6 days a week, Monday through Saturday, without vacations, showing up for work at 8:00 a.m. and staying until 5:00 p.m., He did that each day for the past 4-years walking up and down the factory floor to make sure the machinery never malfunctioned. Carlos earned $32/hour regular pay, but his uncaring supervisor didn’t allow him to take his legally-mandated 10-minute break within the 4-hour work period leading up to lunch – telling him: “Grab a candy bar and don’t take your eyes off the machines.” Carlos was legally entitled to be paid one additional hour of regular pay for each day he didn’t get a rest period, a total of 6 additional hours every weekly pay period ON TOP of his total hours. Sadly, in real life, this rarely happens.

If we were to file a claim and prevail for Carlos, he was entitled to $32 each work day ($192/week) for 4-years which adds up to $39,936 of back wages. That’s serious money he EARNED. —That’s a Lexus.

We see more flagrant employer abuse cases than that. What if Carlos was forced to sit in the office to eat his lunch so he could ‘cover the phones’ while his boss left the premises for lunch every day? In reality, Carlos is really working 9 hours each day. Now we have two additional legal violations:

First, Carlos has a new and separate claim for 6 additional hours per week for not being provided at least a 30 minute uninterrupted meal period – another $192/week— doubling our legal claim to a staggering $79,872.00 – That’s a down payment on a house.

Secondly, on Monday through Friday, since Carlos worked straight through from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., he actually worked 9 hours each day, instead of 8 hours, and that 9th hour should have been paid at over time rates, time and a half, ($48/hr) or $240 per week for additional overtime – running the claim up another $49,920.00 to $129,972.00.

Could it get any better for Carlos? Those 9-hours Carlos worked every Saturday should have all been paid at overtime ($48/hr) but he was paid straight-time, and only paid for 8 hours. That Saturday overtime bump is another $176/week for four years, adding another $36,608 to our claim. Carlos, who may have been on the fence about calling a lawyer, could have walked away from back wages of $166,580. —Serious cash.




Common Employee Questions:

  • “Why am I not being paid overtime?”
  • “Why must I eat at my desk and have no breaks?”
  • “Was I wrongfully terminated?”
  • “Was I sexually harassed?”
  • “Was I discriminated against?”
  • “Was I fired for being pregnant?”

It’s troubling, isn’t it? — While it’s a sad state of affairs that employers of ALL sizes take advantage of employees it is not hard to comprehend, considering the significant money that can be saved. Unlawful treatment requires a lawful response!

We file Lawsuits against Employers for Employees – Little else works…

Unfortunately some employers choose to violate employment laws, abuse employees, and have been getting away with unlawful behavior for decades. Employees who are regularly paid less than they are owed, not paid overtime, denied rest and meal breaks, sexually harassed for chuckles, discriminated against for their age, race, ethnicity, or religious beliefs, denied leave, denied time off for child birth or adoption, or wrongfully terminated need a powerful law firm in their corner to even-up the playing field.

Even in the largest companies, with big HR departments, it is common that internal protests and complaints go no where. Why? HR departments morph into fiefdoms that protect the company, the bosses, and their own job security. California employment laws take over where already-tough federal employment laws end, and our lawyers then leverage these laws to seek repayment for employees from bad employers. In most employment disputes the only effective means to resolve an employee’s dispute is to threaten litigation, file a lawsuit, or go to arbitration. When it’s time do get serious, that’s what we do.

Consultation — Share your circumstances with us right now. If we accept your case, most of our employment cases are on taken on a Contingency Fee Basis — which means no out-of-pocket expenses to retain the power and experience of our law firm.

Cases Taken on Contingency — We are picky about the cases we decide to take. Not every employment case is a great case. Since we will be investing significant time, money, and the talents of our skilled lawyers, we simply cannot take all cases presented to us. That, said, it costs you nothing to get our take on your circumstances, and it we do take your case, there will be no out-of-pocket cost to you.       more…

We get paid ONLY IF you get paid — which ensures that we have the strongest possible interest in getting our clients the best possible results. Call us right now and let’s hear about your employment predicament. 626-446-6442

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